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How to Create a Gorgeous Post Slider with Pro Gallery

Want to change up the look of your blog feed? Show off your posts in an interactive post slider with Pro Gallery layouts!

Slider galleries are designed to highlight your work in a visually stunning display. Let readers swipe through your posts in a slider that highlights your beautiful cover images. Add bonus features like curved corners, hover effects, shadows, and creative animations. Customize the layout and design to make it one-of-a-kind!

The Final Product

How to Make a Post Slider

Make sure your site has a Blog.

Step 1. Add Content Manager to your site.

  1. Make sure the Content Manager is added to your site. Go to the Editor > Add (+) > Content Manager > Add to Site. (If you see the icon on the left side of the Editor, you’ve added it already.) Close the “Create a New Page” window that pops up.

  2. On the left sidebar, click to open the Content Manager > Add Content Elements > Dataset. A small Dataset should appear on your page. (This won’t be visible to visitors on your live site.)

  3. Click the Dataset > Settings > Connect a collection > Blog > Posts. Give it a name, and input the number of items to display in your slider.

  4. To customize which posts to display, you can click on +Add Filter to display only certain posts. You can also click on +Add Sort to sort by published date, likes and more.

Step 2. Add a Gallery to your site and connect it to your Collection.

  1. Go to Add (+) > Gallery > Slider Galleries.

  2. Add a Slider Gallery to any page.

  3. Click on your gallery and then in the options that pop up, click on the Connect to Data icon > Connect a collection > your post collection. Under Connection Options, connect each item: cover image, descriptions (excerpt), links (post page URL) and so on.

4. You won’t see your posts appear just yet in the slider gallery, since the Editor only displays the template. Once you hit Preview, you’ll be able to see all your posts in the slider.

Step 3. Customize Your Post Slider.

  1. Click on your Pro Gallery and then Settings.

  2. Once the Wix Pro Gallery Settings pops up, click on the Settings tab.

  3. Open the drop-down menu “When clicking on an item:” and set it to "A link opens".

  4. It’s time to customize! Click on your Gallery to change the Settings, Design or Animation as you like. Choose from a number of preset layouts and designs, and play around with different ways to display your posts. Adjust the spacing, hover effect, and corners to give it life.

Well done! You’ve got yourself a post slider dressed to impress!

Want to play around with more customization and just a little bit of code? Check out Velo by Wix.

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