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The Essential Guide to Blogging

The Essential Guide to Blogging

Learn how to write, design and promote your posts. Get SEO tips, social media recommendations and more.

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How to Use Tags and the Tag Cloud

Tags are an easy way for readers to find other posts with similar topics and keywords.

You can attach tags to your posts and display them at the end of the post page. Or, display them on any page using a customizable tag cloud.

Read on to learn how to use tags in your blog posts and show them off in a gorgeous tag cloud. Plus, learn the differences between tags and categories.

Yes, Tags are Here!

Always wanted to sort your posts by a keyword, but don’t want to make a separate category? Tags solve that issue for you.

Tags are an easy way to organize your posts beyond the category level. Think of them as keywords to help your readers filter your posts by topic, and find one that catches their interest.

You can add tags to any blog post when you’re writing or editing a post. Simply click on Tags in the sidebar and type in a word or phrase to add it. Once you publish the post, you’ll see your tags appear below the post.

Since we know you love customizing, we’ve also made it easy to change how your tags look at the end of your post. Under Post Page > Settings > Design > Tags, fine-tune the color, font and style. Display them as buttons or as simple text.

To get started:

  1. From your blog dashboard, click Create New Post.

  2. In the post editor, click on “Tags” in the sidebar.

Show Off Your Tags in a Tag Cloud

To go with your shiny, new tags, we’ve also added the brand-new Tag Cloud! This groups all your tags together in a collection that you can put anywhere on your site. Any tags you’ve created and attached to at least one published post will appear here. Now it’s a breeze for your readers to find any topic that interests them, fast. Make those tags work for you!

To get started:

  1. From the Editor, click on the Add (+) Panel.

  2. Under Blog, find the Tag Cloud, and drag and drop it onto any page.

What’s the Difference Between Categories and Tags?

Basically, categories group your posts under general topics. You can create a menu bar displaying all your categories, so your readers can click straight to the topics that interest them. Tags, on the other hand, act like labels that group your post beyond the category level. They give your readers clues as to what the post is about and may even mention individual key words.

For example, you might write a post about virtual reality, and add it to the category Technology or Gaming -- or both. Keep your posts assigned to no more than 3 categories--the less categories, the better organized your blog will be.

Then, add tags to your post. Use tags that talk about the specific subjects mentioned in your post--maybe it's VR headsets, or more specifically, the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. You can add up to 30 tags per post. Try to use tags that are on other posts. That way, the reader can click on the tag and find all the posts that have that same tag.


Have a cool tag cloud? We'd love to see it! Feel free to take a screenshot and drop it in the comments below. Or share your ideas and feedback in the Blog Community forum. Happy tagging!

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