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The Essential Guide to Blogging

The Essential Guide to Blogging

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Introducing: Importing posts from one Wix site to another

Have a blog you want to redesign completely, but you don't want to lose all the content? We want to introduce you to the feature that a lot of bloggers were waiting for - importing posts from one Wix site to another!

This is a great way to merge content from multiple blogs into one blog or transfer all of your amazing posts to a newly designed site.

In this article, we’ll go step by step on how to import your posts from another Wix site.

To try it out, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Dashboard of the site you want to import posts to.

  2. Go to the Blog

  3. Click the More Actions dropdown menu in the top right.

  4. Click Import Another Wix Blog.

  5. Click Get Started and select the site you want to import the content from.

  6. Click Import Posts and watch the magic happen - all your published posts from one site will be imported into the new one!

What’s imported:

  • Published posts. Once they are imported they are automatically published on your destination site. Each published post includes the original formatting, settings, SEO, images, and videos.

  • Categories, tags and authors: These are all taken from your source site and copied across to your destination site.

  • Likes and view count: Likes and views are copied across with your posts.

  • Multilingual settings: All translated content transfers if you have the same languages on both sites.

What’s not imported:

  • Drafts

  • Scheduled posts or posts in Trash

  • Analytics (except likes and view counts)

  • Comments

  • Subscription plans: While the posts connected to a subscription plan are imported over, they will no longer be under a subscription plan. You will have to create a new subscription plan and reconnect it to these posts.

What do you think about this feature? We'd love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments.

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febr. 22.

I created a new website on a second account as I needed to keep them separate for business reasons. One of the reasons I chose to remain in the Wix ecosystem was so that I could easily export and import data between the sites without worrying about compatibility issue. However, it seems that the import function in the blog app only works for site that are within the same account and Wix do not appear to offer any option to export so I am stumped. There is absolutely no way I am going to copy and paste the 1000's of blog pages from one Wix site to another. This serious limitation makes me want to migrate both site to a…

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