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The Essential Guide to Blogging

The Essential Guide to Blogging

Learn how to write, design and promote your posts. Get SEO tips, social media recommendations and more.

Wix Blog Updates

Learn about brand new features

Introducing New Display Settings and more for the Wix Mobile App

We’re excited to announce a whole batch of updates for the Wix Blog on mobile!

Display Settings

In the new Display Settings, you can now customize the way your posts are displayed to your readers in the feed.

Head over to the Blog Dashboard to tweak your Display Settings to perfection.

Display the posts you want, the way you want them.

Display your posts by post or by categories

You can now choose to display by post or by categories in your feed.

  • Display by post to show off your carefully crafted posts

  • Display by categories to make it easy for your readers to find a topic that interests them

Display your posts in a card or list layout

You can now choose to display posts in a card or list layout in your feed.

  • Display in a card layout to show off your header image and give a preview of the post

  • Display in a list layout to make it easy for readers to scan titles quickly

Select what info shows on your feed

Choose what details show up in your post feed: author, likes, views, reading time and more. Let readers find the most popular posts and their favorite writers.

Recent Posts v 2.0

The newest version of Recent Posts displays three of your latest posts at the bottom of each post. Keep your readers engaged and browsing your delightful content. Note that to display this feature, you need to turn on Recent Posts in the Display Settings > Info Shown on Feed.


Reading Progress Bar

Now as readers scroll down a post in the app, they’ll see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen that advances as they read. Readers will know exactly where they are in the post. The best part is this feature is automatic -- no need to turn it on!



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