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The Essential Guide to Blogging

The Essential Guide to Blogging

Learn how to write, design and promote your posts. Get SEO tips, social media recommendations and more.

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Metadata: Adding SEO schema markups for individual posts

Adding custom schema markups to your site's pages allows your posts to appear in Google’s rich search results and can improve your website's search results and ranking. Recipe schema, for example, will appear in the recipe carousel and FAQ schema appear as answers in the ‘People also ask’ section.

When you create a post on a Wix Blog, a default ‘Article’ schema markup is automatically generated. All the fields and values in the markup are taken directly from the content of your blog post.

How to add custom schema to individual posts

Adding customized schema markups for your blog posts might sound complicated, but it’s simple enough if you follow these steps:

  1. Open the post you want to add a schema to

  2. In the Post Editor open SEO

  3. Open the Advanced tab

  4. Select Structured data markup

  5. Click + Add New Markup

  6. Open an external schema generator in a new tab like this one:

  7. Choose the type of schema markup you need (Recipe, How-to, FAQ, etc.) then fill in the form and copy the code.

  8. Head back to your site, give your markup a name, and paste the code into the text box.

  9. Click Apply


  • Avoid duplicating schema markups: This can affect your SEO score negatively.

  • The info in your schema has to match the info in your post

  • For more detailed information, take a look at Google’s general structured data guidelines

Let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions or tips about this feature. We’re always interested to know how you use Wix and how we can improve.

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