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Now You Can Access & Design Your Post Page!

We are thrilled to announce that you can now access your post page from the Wix Editor!

You can also resize the page and add sidebar elements, such as Instagram feed, subscribe box, about section, ads and more.

(This feature was already available for new blog installations, now it is available for all of our existing users).

Along with the access to the post page, we now provide separate settings for the feed and for the post. Through the new post page, we introduce new settings such as:

  • Display settings: Allowing you to toggle off/on recent posts & comments sections, author info, updated label, and category labels from the bottom of the post.

  • Design settings: Lets you control the font style, size and color. Also with new settings for quotes & subtitle design.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Open your Wix Editor

  2. Wait a few seconds until you see a toast appear at the bottom left-side of your screen

  3. Publish your site

And that’s it - you now have access to the page!

Here’s how to navigate to the post page settings:

  1. Head to your blog page

  2. Click on Settings (or just double click on the blog)

  3. On the Main tab of your settings, click on the link to the post page found in the bottom of the tab

Note: If you don’t get the notification after a few seconds try to publish the site and navigate to the post page as explained.

Share your cool post pages with us!

Also, you can use this thread to share with us which design and display settings are missing for you.

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