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Guven Parkin
Nov 19, 2019
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1. Translate problem: I have a multilanguage website by Wix. Main language is turkish. Second is english. And i can not translate my Faq widget(SSS Widget: name of the widget as wix says), blog page some others. So how can i translate those? 2. I am using 3 columns strip in my every page. Sides are black and middle is white. My text writtings, photos, etc. all is in this white area and its 980 pixel as wix reccomended. But i still have problems in when i try to see my website in different screen resolutions and different screen sizes. Mostly texts are being bigger than white area and photo galleries enrages anormally. I did not use bigger than 25mb photos in my galleries (as wix mantioned; there wont be any problem with smaller than 25mb photos in gallery) but still they enlarge sometimes. So can you help me about these problems pls? I really need a help here and cant do it them myself. Finally my websites looks not good because of these problems. Thanks.
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Guven Parkin

Guven Parkin

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