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Creative Writer with a purpose!

Not here for money, here to change the world.

My site and new project can be found at

We're a creative writing crew that has 3 women writers and myself (eagerly searching for more!) from all different walks of life but it highlights the intimate thoughts a persons mind has before, during, or after dealing with trauma, addiction, violence, love, loss, or anything human and real. The format doesn't matter, poetry, song writing, freeform pieces, short stories, whatever we'll even showcase photographers and visual artists for free. The goal of the project is to remove the stigma from all of the many stigmatized human experiences and highlight that with experience and rising from the flames, beautiful talents and expression can arise. Everything doesn't have to be so negativity centered all of the time! We make no profit off of the site, and all the costs come out of my pocket because I believe in the project.

17,000+ views this month so far, without ANY marketing. Its a good opportunity for anyone who has edgy, real, or raw writing and doesn't want to compromise their style! please email me or message me on the site if you'd like to Collab. on anything, and also if you know any writers/ artists who might be interested, please point them in my direction! ( most posts on the site are in between 500-2000 words so there is no pressure to hit a hard to reach level. this isn't the usual blogging project and you'll see the significance once you join the family! NO JUDGEMENT ALLOWED

If you're not a writer or artist, and you'd like to support this movement, feel free to feature us or write a short article about us and we will respond by doing the same for you on our site. There's no one out there doing underground expression with no ulterior motives like we are, and once we introduce marketting campaigns this is going to explode.

Thank You

Travis Ryan

Travis Ryan

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